Our Holidays 2020
27.07.2020 - 31.07.2020
28.12.2020 - 31.12.2020

Public holidays 2020
01. January New Years Day
02. January Berchtoldstag
10. April Good Friday
13. April Easter Monday
01. Mai Tag der Arbeit
21. May Auffahrt
01. June Pfingstmontag
01. August Swiss National Day
25. December Christmas
26. December Stephanstag

On the days before the holidays, Kita Filia will close at 4pm. On the 24th of December (Christmas Eve) the Kita will close at 2pm.


Kita Filia is a family oriented and supportive establishment.

We are a day care centre with two groups. Each group has a maximum of eleven children, within the age range of three months to school entry level.

We offer each child optimum conditions for his/her individual development, within a secure and trusted environment.

The daily routine is structured and planned according to the age of your child. In addition to the free play (indoor and outdoor) we offer various activities in German and English.

The Activities

  • Targeted activities on a specific topic; using various materials, such as books, hand-puppets or other items
  • Kita vegetable garden; where we plant our own vegetables and learn how to take care of them
  • Forest-day; once per week
  • Children’s Yoga; every Friday
  • Singing circle; in Swiss-German and English, with singing cards and a lot of moment
  • Excursions; these are topic orientated, for example, buses, trains, boats or the Zoo
  • English lessons; these are done two times per day, in a playing manner, through memory, songs and books

Free Play

A child’s development occurs best through free play, guided by our professional caregivers. They give little play incentives at the beginning, and only intervene if support is needed or if problems are not overcome alone.

In our intercultural day-care centre, social behaviour is promoted early and has a very high priority in our daily life.

I am ok – you are ok

To accept and value yourself and others the way they are.

Learning as a team to interact with other cultures, connecting with others, to talk, to share, to play and to develop and form friendships. Regardless language, origin or race.

Dealing with nature.

The Kita garden offers a lot of space for playing, exploring, discovering and playing hide-and seek.

We have deliberately avoided the purchase of a playground with slides and swings, so that the children can enjoy and play together during the time they spend at Kita Filia. The beauty of nature should not be disturbed and the children not distracted. This way they can explore for example, creepy crawlies, and play together with natural resources the garden has to offer.

  • The well-being of the child is of highest priority
  • The task of the day care centre is to focus on the basic needs of the child
  • To accept the child as his/her own personality and support it in his/her psychological, mental and his/her physical development
  • The ability to learn to function within a group is as important as learning to assert yourself in a group
  • At Kita Filia we endeavour to give the child a sense of security and safety
  • The child will be cared for and encouraged according to his/her age and abilities
  • The children have time for free play, without any interruptions
  • At Kita Filia we provide a sense of supportive community, where children are encouraged to be brave and act socially conscious

It is thanks to our long-term staff that we have a happy and positive environment; this is the key to a successful and creative Kita.

Praktikum 100% August 2020 mit Aussicht auf Ausbildungsplatz 2021

Zur Unterstützung unseres Teams suchen wir für unsere Kindertagesstätte Kita Filia eine aufgestellte, herzliche, motivierte, feinfühlige und fröhliche Praktikantin.Ab Sommer 2020.

Opening hours:

Professionally looked after from

Monday to Friday from

7 a.m. to 6 p.m.


Information about vacations:

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